Membership Requirements

It is the desire of the leadership of ETC to provide a network of support among Christian home educators.

Invitation and Referral:

Please note the member who referred you to ETC at the time of sign-up. If you have interest in the group but do not know any current members you may contact the Leadership Team by emailing [email protected] .


Membership Fee

To facilitate the ministries of ETC, we are asking all participants to pay an Annual Membership Fee of $250. Returning members who have fulfilled a commitment of service to the group pay  $175.00.

Consortium Fees

Additional Class Reservation, Tuition and Supply fees apply for participation in Consortium.  An explanation of those fees can be viewed on our Consortium Tuition & Fees page.

Activity Fees

Additional participation fees may apply for some scheduled activities.  See the Calendar for specific details about events.

Paid Positions

There are many paid positions open for any member who would like to work for ETC as the education service provider that their children are involved in.  Income is paid by the hour at a competitive wage.  Positions include Instructor, Class Assistant, Cleaner, Student Monitor, and more.  To be considered for a position, please complete the employment application on our website.

We are committed to being good stewards of our collective resources and welcome accountability.  Annual Financial Statements are available for viewing on our website.  The Executive Director or the Chief Financial Officer of the Board of Directors can answer any questions you may have.

Service Requirements:

In the spirit of a *co-op*, all member parents will be prompted to join a Service Team when renewing membership.  Teams include Fundraising, Facility maintenance, Family Fellowships, Special Events (parties, year-end program, etc.), Educators/Moms' Meetings & Fellowships, Teen Events, Field Trips, Friday Fundays, and Nature Study.   You will be contacted by the lead of the team you have chosen.

Policies and Procedures:

To ensure that those participating in ETC activities understand how ETC operates and the guidelines for participation in activities, all applicants are asked to read the ETC policies, including the Mission Statement, Code of Conduct, and Statement of Faith under the "About ETC" tab.  The Executive Director will be happy to answer any questions you have.  After you have read these documents, sign and submit the Registration Form, acknowledging that you agree to participate in ETC activities according to those guidelines and that you release the group and its leadership from liability.

Website and Email Access:

The number of participants ETC has would be unmanageable without the tools of the website, including the Consortium Matrix, the calendar and online sign-ups, the directory, and the communication forums.  A required part of the registration process is submitting a request for registration on the ETC website.  You will be asked to give an email address and set up a login and password.   When the other participation requirements are met, your website membership will be approved.  ETC families will need to access the website regularly to check for updates and sign-up through the calendar for activities.  Unfortunately, we are not able to serve homeschool families without weekly access to the Internet and email, as the website is our primary method of communication.