Inclement Weather Policy 

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Many ETC events are scheduled for the outdoors.  We want every member to leave these events healthy and safe.  Therefore, cancellations may occasionally be necessary when the weather turns bad or road conditions prevent safe travel. 

Bad Weather

In general, outdoor events will likely be cancelled or rescheduled when:

  • Precipitation chances are predicted to be 50% or greater
  • High temperatures will not reach 40 degrees 
  • High temperatures will exceed 95 degrees
  • Recent rains warrant a “Flood Watch” in the area where activities are planned
  • A tornado or severe weather watch is issued for the area
  • Any combination of these conditions would jeopardize the health of members

Road Conditions

All ETC activities will be canceled if fog, snow, ice, or sleet causes travel conditions to be unsafe in the area where the event is scheduled.


Because ETC events may be planned anywhere in Northwest Arkansas, conditions may be favorable in one area, but prohibitive in another.  The Event Coordinator or a Leadership Team Member will make the final call based on the ruling of area school districts (during the school year), the forecast of various meteorologists, and the on-site conditions.  Always check your email or the ETC website for notices of cancellation before leaving your house.  If you are in doubt, contact the Event Coordinator. 

 Your Responsibility 

Regardless of the decision of the ETC coordinators and leadership, you are responsible for making the decision about attendance that is right for your family.  Trust your own judgment and stay home if you believe conditions warrant it.  Your participation in any ETC activity is at your own discretion and risk. 


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