2024/2025 Consortium Tuition & Fees

**New for Returning Members –

  • All fees, except supply fees, are included in the tuition.
  • There is no CAP on tuition for the number of classes per student OR the number of students per family. The total cost to attend is calculated by class.
  • Study Hall is 50% of class tuition.
  • Curriculum is not included.  Books and curriculum ranges in cost of approximately $15 for Kindergarten up to $300 for middle school through high school. 
  • There is no tuition charged for Bible classes or Assembly.  

Learn more about the LEARNS Bill and how ETC services can be paid for using Educational Freedom Account funds.


Work for ETC

Service comes with big benefits! Pricing is the same for all members (no Co-Op and Drop-Off rate); ALL teaching and assisting are paid positions.

  • Teaching 1 Elective class all year pays $800-$1050; Teaching 1 Core class all year pays $2000-$2800.

  • Assisting pays $15/hr

  • Many paid positions are filled every year.  If you would like to fill one of the many open positions at ETC just fill out our Instructor or Assistant Application. This process is taking the place of signing up to assist and receive co-op pricing. All ETC members are charged the same tuition rate. If you'd like to earn a part time income to use to pay your Consortium bill or to bring in a part time wage for other purposes, just submit the application above. We'll be in touch. If you have general questions about employment email [email protected].

    Contact our program directors with questions about assisting:

         Sarah Blunt (CORE) [email protected]

         Amy Morrison (ELECTIVE) [email protected]


Apply for an Open Position:







Below are some examples of how your service to ETC can help you pay for your child(ren)'s classes.
















Monthly Payment Plans are Available


  • Tuition can be deferred with an award letter from LEARNS or a signed teaching or assisting contract of intent to provide services.  Supply fees must be paid up front, and any tuition that exceeds expected income from EFA or ETC employment must be paid in full or set up on a payment plan.
  • The 1st draft will be for the percentage that brings your approved payment plan up to date based on the payment schedule.
  • Payments by check or website are welcome but must be paid in full at Enrollment.  Enrollment is not confirmed until tuition and fees are paid.
  • Payments must be current for the student to attend class.  If tuition is unpaid the student will be moved to the waitlist
  • If you withdraw your student, LEARNS will only pay through the date of withdrawal. You will be responsible for the balance of tuition for the semester in which you withdraw.
  • Tuition payments are due in FULL or Payment Arrangements made by June 1.

    Remaining tuition can be deferred at August 1st with an award letter from LEARNS or a signed teaching or assisting contract.  The prepaid balance of 30%, if covered by LEARNS, will be refunded to the parent or applied to the next school year in the Spring semester. 

    The 1st payment will be for the percentage that brings your approved payment plan up to date based on the payment schedule.

    Payments must be current for the student to attend class.  If tuition is unpaid the student will be moved to the waitlist

Contact [email protected] with any questions about assisting or teaching. 

Note that each program is billed separately.  

Financial Assistance

As funds are available, ETC offers a sponsorship program to cover the annual fee for membership for those families in need. If you would like more information about being sponsored, or about donating to that fund, you can request it online during your registration. It is important to us that no one is turned away because of the annual membership fee.

Sponsorships for tuition and other fees are limited and made available through donations and fundraisers. 

Requests for membership sponsorship or tuition assistance will be submitted to the Board of Directors.  As funds are available assistance will be prioritized for families who are experiencing temporary financial hardship and who are doing what their family is able to do to reduce their own costs through service.  A representative of the Board will notify applicants of the Board's decision as soon as one is made.  

In some cases a donation may be received with a designation for a recipient, in which case other criteria may not apply.  

To request a sponsorship complete the Request a Sponsorship form.


Additional donations to ETC will be tax-deductible. Membership Fees, Tuition, and Per Child Fees are not deductible, but any voluntary contributions will be acknowledged with a tax-deductible receipt. Please consider making the ministry of ETC a part of your charitable giving.

General Budget

ETC's budget includes the fundamental expenses that are necessary to make ETC function, including basic administrative costs, website membership, liability insurance, leadership sponsorship, and basic office supplies and postage, as well as minimal funding for the monthly ETC meetings.

Fee Payment Policies

  • Membership fee payments must be RECEIVED no later than August 1st.  If you have not paid by August 1st you will be removed from the list of members.
  • A simple, all-inclusive fee is charged for Consortium Classes. The only additional fee for classes may be a materials fee.  Please review the Consortium Information page for more details.  Some activities, such as field trips or group parties, may incur additional fees. 
  • Please note your name and the event for which you are paying with each payment.  Envelopes are provided in the payment drawer in the Consortium Office or Check-In Desk. Payments must be received with the necessary information in order for your account to be properly credited.
  • If you need proof of payment, please pay with a check or money order or via online invoicing, since receipts will not be issued for Fees.
  • We cannot provide change.
  • There are no refunds for tuition, professional services fees, or materials fees after the final due date for that semester. 

Final Tution Due Dates: 

  • Fall Semester - August 1
  • Spring Semester - January 1

Payment Options

You will have the option of several methods of payment for all ETC fees.

  1. Online: You may pay through your ETC account on our website. Online payments incur a convenience fee from our financial processing service provider.
  2. By Mail:  A check or money order can be mailed to ETC, PO Box 1757, Bentonville, AR 72712. Please include a note indicating what you are paying for.
  3. In-Person: You may also pay with cash, check, or money order in person at Consortium. In the case of “in-person” payments, please put your payment inside an envelope and seal it. Then write on the front of the envelope your name, the amount, and a specific list of what you are paying for. You may put your payments in the payment box provided at the Consortium check-in desk.  Do NOT give payments directly to Instructors or to any member of leadership at Consortium classes or ETC events.  Please do not attempt to pay for activities at the events.
  4. Payment Plan:  The only payment plan ETC currently offers is a Pre-Payment Plan. The entirety of Consortium Tuition can be made in installments by the schedule above.

Reminders about your installment due dates will not be sent; please take responsibility for paying installments on time.   Contact the ETC Financial Director for more information.


The Financial Director, Event Coordinators, and Leadership Team Members are homeschooling moms just like you, and have a limited amount of time to devote to ETC business. Thank you for respecting their limitations by adhering to the ETC Financial Policies.

We are committed to being good stewards of our collective resources and welcome accountability. Annual Financial Reports are issued by the ETC Financial Director.