Consortium Elective

The Consortium Elective Program, established in 2009, offers a variety of supplemental, extracurricular-type classes for homeschooled students.  Each semester 50+ rotating fun elective, academic, and arts type classes fill the Wednesday schedule for children in grades Preschool through High School.  Enrollment is offered through a university model so students can participate 1 hour, 6 hours, or any number in between.  Classes are taught by homeschool parents, professional teachers, experts from the community, and homeschool alumni.  Over 200 students can be found on the campus throughout the Elective day, although class size is limited to typically 10-15 students. Classes meet at a church in central Bentonville and students may be dropped off or attend with a parent present.  Parental involvement impacts the financial cost.  Students can always find a new and engaging line-up of classes to supplement their at-home studies, and parents can feel good about the learning continuing during a mid-week break in routine.

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